The Deal with Common Core

What’s the deal with Common Core?

CommonCoreIf you speak with any teacher or parent in the 46 states that now have Common Core, they will undoubtedly have something to say about it. The state-mandated national standards for K-12 education have become an ubiquitous part of the national dialogue on how we teach our children. It’s a difficult system to understand– just take a look at these ten common core math problems that everyone (even the teachers teaching it) are guaranteed to struggle with.

One of the many frustrations that parents have with Common Core is the inability to relate to their own child’s homework, and to explain the concepts their child is struggling with. Curricula that follow Common Core standards often teach a subject such as multiplication in a vastly different way than anyone whom was not taught Common Core (needless to say any adult) ever learned it. Many teachers, as well, are frustrated with the rigidity of the Common Core standards, and the relative speed at which many states have forced universal adoption. Forcing an educator to teach a subject such as multiplication using a completely different method after having taught that subject the same way for their entire career is doubtless a difficult task for any teacher.

More and more parents have been turning to educational platforms such as Funler that guide their children through the Common Core learning process. Funler offers interactive lessons aligned with Common Core standards that have helpful hints and instructional videos embedded within each lesson. Instead of struggling to comprehend and explain the way in which Common Core problems work, parents can be rest assured that their child is learning the necessary Common Core lessons with as much help as they may need along the way. With the Funler Parent App installed on their phone, parents are kept up-to-date on their child’s learning progress with easy-to-read reports and intuitive graphics.

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