How do you control screen time?

Worried about what your children are doing online? Want to ensure your child spends some of their screen time engaging with meaningful, educational content?

Enter Funler, an educational app that gives parents peace of mind by letting them virtually look over their child’s shoulder.

The Funler Parent app can be downloaded on the iPhone or Android. Visit the App Store or Google Play and search “Funler Parent” for an easy downloading process. With Funler Parent, the full potential of Funler Learning can be realized.

Funler Parent offers a detailed feedback loop, in real time, of a child’s activity on the Funler tablet app.  This feature holds children accountable, but relieves parents from the feeling of constant nagging.  Recently, the New York Times pointed out how what many already intuitively know: Parental hovering can hinder a child’s growth and development.  Armed with this knowledge, it is still very difficult for parents to “let go”.

Protective instincts are fierce, however, study after study have shown that children who are overparented can suffer from lower self-esteem.  If children are never given the opportunity to make mistakes, it becomes difficult for them to develop into confident, independent young adults.

The world can be a scary and overwhelming place, especially when it comes to what is happening online. With Funler, parents can breathe easier. Children have a safely guarded place to work independently, while the adults in their life can remotely monitor how they are balancing fun and learning.


A win for all involved!