Fighting the Urge to Hover

Recently, The New York Times published an article entitled “Parents Know Pressure and Hovering Don’t Help Children Succeed. So Why Is It So Hard to Stop?”.  As a teacher, this piece of writing struck a chord with me.  Many of my student’s parents strive to find the right balance between influencing their children in positive ways and ensuring they have a strong sense of independence.  Currently colleges, and even graduate schools are reporting huge increases in parental involvement.  Parents want to ensure their children are making good choices.  Sometimes it feels easier to do the choosing for them, but this can be detrimental to a child’s development.  Empowering children to make their own decisions can be difficult and scary, but, ultimately, will help them succeed.

The urge to hover is pretty easy to understand. In this digital age, hundreds of years of human knowledge is available with just a few simple clicks online.  Even small children have this amazing wealth of knowledge easily accessible, however, some of the material they can access online is not appropriate.

imgres Funler fosters independence and smart decision- making online in an environment that parents can control. Videos selected by children in the “funzone” are immediately sent to the Funler Parent phone app for approval before a child can view.  Feedback on a child’s time spent on Funler is also visible in Funler Parent.  View how your child spends their time on Funler, highlight their academic successes, and gain knowledge about what skills are giving them trouble.  Help them grow in a safe online environment. The remote feedback is noninvasive to the child, they work independently.  All the while, parents can rest assured with the knowledge that screen time is being used in a meaningful way.