Make Lessons FUN

Worksheets, videos, and reading assignments become quests for earning rewards - increasing engagement and fostering a growth mindset.

Customize Your Classroom

Easily assign teacher-curated and proven materials aligned to your objectives, or upload your own customized material.


Save Time On Grading

Work completed is automatically graded so students get instant feedback - identify where students struggle in real-time and save countless hours grading!

What About Parents?

Track your child’s progress, add rewards for chores and music practice, and encourage learning by redeeming earned tokens for rewards

What People Are Saying

“It was really cool that I could try until the math was all right and I got extra tokens. I really like the videos.”

Mateo, 4th grader

“Relieved that I don’t have to keep asking ‘have you done your homework’, it’s right on my phone app!”

Tony, 4th grade parent

“With Funler, students are motivated and rarely frustrated to the point of quitting, and rewards are a big draw.”

Joyce, 2nd grade teacher

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